Certificate in Hardware  & Software Technology (Level 3)

Hardware and Software

Why consider a Certificate in Hardware & Software Technology?

Every sector of business in the world today is computerized. Computing has also become part of everyday life and the fastest growing industry worldwide. There will always be a global need for technical and software support personnel to keep our computerized world up and running.

About the course

The Essentials section of the course builds practical job skills for computer hardware and operating systems. These skills include the installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of common devices such as desktops, laptops, network and wireless devices, printers, and monitors. The student will master the installation and troubleshooting of common components such as CPUs, memory, disks, power supplies, and expansion cards, as well as gain valuable practical knowledge of security concepts, customer service, and business processes.

The Practical section of the course will prepare the student to troubleshoot hardware, operating systems, and networks, as well as implement security procedures and protocols. These are the skills expected of an entry-level IT technician who will have a high level of interaction with clients.

Key Topics that will be covered

Topics covered in the course include motherboards, memory, processors, video, storage media and devices, printers, operating systems, networking, security, and more. Completing this course assures employers and computer owners that the Hardware & Software Technician has the requisite knowledge to build, upgrade, optimize, troubleshoot, and repair personal computer (PC) systems.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at students interested in pursuing a career in information technology, specifically related to PC technology. This course offers excellent preparation for the International A+ examinations.

The future

It is recommended that students who successfully complete this course can supplement their studies in any of the following courses available at IIT: Network Support Technician; MCSE, MCTS and MCPD.


The student should have a good command of the English language. The student will have to supply proof of Grade 10 certificate or higher upon registration with a minimum of 23 points (all subjects included). Experience with computers would be to the advantage of the student.

As this course contains large amounts of class practical, lab work and assignments, a high-end personal laptop for use in class and off-campus is imperative. Specifications should be obtained from Head Trainer at IIT prior to class starting and student should be in possession of laptop within one week of class starting.