Microsoft PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint
  • Create a presentation from scratch, using Transitions, Animations, Speaker notes, Hyperlinks and Importing
  • Starting a new presentation
  • Quickly creating a presentation
  • Creating a presentation based on a ready made design
  • Converting an outline to a presentation
  • Reusing existing slides
  • Working with slide text
  • Entering text
  • Adding and manipulating text boxes
  • Correcting and sizing text while typing
  • Checking spelling and choosing the best words
  • Changing size, alignment, spacing and look of the text
  • Adjusting the slide layout, order and look
  • Changing layout and rearranging slides in a presentation
  • Applying theme
  • Switching to a different color scheme
  • Using colors that are not part of the scheme
  • Adding shading and texture to the background of a slide
  • Delivering a presentation electronically
  • Adapting a presentation for different audiences
  • Rehearsing a presentation
  • Preparing speaker notes and handouts
  • Preparing a presentation for travel


2 Half days