Website Design Based on Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is the best programme for creating web pages and websites. It's accessible to novices, but includes powerful features for experts. Many professional web designers use it. Creating accessible web pages has never been more important than today.

Adobe Dreamweaver software provides the most complete set of tools available for building, editing, and maintaining accessible websites and web applications. It offers support for users of assistive technologies, as well as for individuals seeking to create accessible web content and web applications. Dreamweaver makes it easy for designers and developers to understand and comply with accessibility standards, with features that include a reference guide, templates, code snippets, and built-in accessibility validation tools.

It also includes features designed to handle some of the most complex accessibility issues, such as the creation of accessible forms and data tables.

Dreamweaver’s many icon-driven menus and detailed panels make it easy to insert and format text, images, and media (such as video files and Flash movies). This means that you can create great-looking and functional web pages without knowing a single line of code—Dreamweaver takes care of building the code behind the scenes for you. Dreamweaver does not create graphics from scratch; instead, it is fully integrated with Adobe Photoshop, so you can import and adjust graphics from within the application


Monday - Friday


Participants should preferably have worked on the Internet and have a working knowledge of computers. Students must have a good command of the English language. Before you start this course you should have a working knowledge of your computer and its operating system. You should know how to use the directory system of your computer so that you can navigate through folders. You also need to understand how to locate, save and open files, and you should also know how to use your mouse to access menus and commands.