Customer Service Training

Customer Care

Good customer care is a fundamental ingredient for successful organisations. The Customer Service Training course is designed for people on the front line, either face to face, over the phone and dealing with either external or internal customers. Exercises, group discussions, written exercises, role play scenarios are designed to help group participation.

Course objectives include creating and maintaining loyal customers, a greater awareness of customer expectations and how to exceed them, learning the techniques for handling complaints and management of internal relationships.

In preparation delegates should write down problems/situation they have difficulty with for discussion on course.


  • Three days contact time including facilitation and group activities
  • 30 days self-study after which participants are to submit their Portfolio of Evidence

Course Benefits

  • More customer focused personnel
  • Greater awareness of our customers’ expectations
  • Create loyal and satisfied customers

Course Programme Outcome:

  • What is customer satisfaction? How do customers judge us? What do customers expect?
  • Why is it vital to any organization?
  • Who are our customers?
  • Satisfying customers, customer transactions
  • Effective listening to achieve customer satisfaction, questioning techniques
  • Complaint management, techniques for dealing with complaints
  • Email etiquette, Telephone Skills and Face to Face communication
  • Having a positive attitude towards complaints
  • Using behavior to influence customers, eliminate conflict and enhance the customer transaction
  • Communicating empathy, action and positive language
  • Exceeding human needs increases customer satisfaction.
  • Participants will understand factors essential to good customer service
  • Participants will be able to communicate effectively by phone/e-mail/face to face
  • Enabled to control their behavior to create loyal customers and illuminate conflict
  • Know why customers complain and how to handle them
  • Guide customers to give the information they need to give customers what they need
  • Give clear and concise information and to check customer understanding
  • Listen effectively and show customers they have understood
  • Participants will be able to maintain an informative relationship with internal customers and also maintain a positive attitude
  • Increased capacity to effectively and satisfactorily handle complaints


Our study guides include

  • Complete guide to study materials
  • Self-contained guide with all module requirements
  • Examples and case studies
  • Clear learning outcomes
  • Activities that can be completed individually or as part of a team
  • Different modules have different assessments ranging from individual presentations, group presentations and written assignments

In addition, our program features

  • Tutor-marked assignments
  • End-of-module assessments
  • A written examination
  • Textbooks are provided in most modules


  • An IIT Certificate of Competence will be awarded to all delegates who successfully submit and are found competent on their Portfolios of Evidence (PoEs).
  • An IIT Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to all delegates who do not submit a PoE within the specified timeframe after attending the three days of training.


This course assumes that the student has a fundamental understanding of business as well as possesses the necessary English literacy to understand the contents of this course. This course is aimed at all levels of the workforce and aims to improve time management and organizational skills.

Participants should bring documents they have written and/or those they will be expected to produce.