Defining Ethics

If you thought that being honest, respectful, loyal and committed is passé - think again! Ethics and values such as these are needed even today, to become successful in one's personal and professional life.

For any given business to be profitable, more than the cutting-edge technology it owns, more than the high quality products it offers, it is the human assets i.e. the employees and the people who run the business that determine its success. That's why; companies today focus so much on their employees, offering them the best work environment as they can! However, not all employees in a given organization are the same. They vary in their commitment and in their attitude towards work. And it's not that management does not notice this!

When the promotions are announced, the employees who are professional, ethical and dedicated, are always given preference over the others. Anyone who is trying to make a mark in the corporate world should thus, be aware of the workplace ethics, of the values and behavior to exhibit, which will bring them in the good books of their seniors, co-workers as well as juniors! Ethics in the workplace is a set of standards, rules and values, that an employee possesses and exhibits in his/her place of work, which makes him/her trustworthy, reliable and dependable



5 Half days

What will be covered in this course:

  • what are work ethics
  • workplace ethics for employees
  • professional ethics
  • code of ethics in the workplace
  • workplace ethics training
  • ten commandments of work ethics


This course assumes that the student has a fundamental understanding of business as well as possesses the necessary English literacy to understand the contents of this course. This course is aimed at all levels of the workforce and aims to improve workplace ethics amongst employees and their superiors.