Front Desk Administration


This course will help you understand the Front Desk Officer’s role within the organization and how to communicate professionally with people you encounter inside and outside the company. You will discover how your attitude and behavior influences Good customer care and customer service, both of which are key to any successful Business and it starts with you.

Front Desk Officer works as an administrative clerk or assistant in various office settings, e.g. from architectural firms to doctors offices or large corporations. Your duties will depend largely on where you work but Front Desk Officers usually answer and direct incoming calls, provide assistance to customers, answer questions about the company, its products or services, direct visitors to their destinations, assists with incoming and outgoing faxes, emails and other communications.

This work can be stressful and demanding as Front Desk Officers must sometimes deal with difficult callers or customers. However, by learning new skills you create new opportunities for your future and this learning empowers you to achieve your dreams and career goals. Many Front Desk Officers may advance to other administrative jobs, such as a customer service representative, secretary, personal assistant, executive assistant or office manager and when Front Desk Officers leave the job, they often enter other career fields such as sales and marketing, public relations or other media occupations



20 half-day afternoon classes (60 hours)

The course covers the following:

  • Introduction to Office Computers
  • Word Processing & Spreadsheets for beginners
  • Reception Competency
  • Office Communication
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Customer Services
  • Time Management
  • Group Work
  • Team Dynamics

Entry Requirements:

Minimum Grade 10; must be at least 16 years or older; speak, read and write in English.