Minute Taking

Interviewing Skills

This Minute Taking course is designed to introduce participants to best practice in minute taking while ensuring that accurate, succinct, objective and business-like records are maintained. It will remove the stress factor and uncertainty from the minute taking process.


  • Three half days contact time including facilitation and group activities
  • 30 days self-study after which participants are to submit their Portfolio of Evidence

Course Benefits

  • Enhance participants’ minute writing skills and develop the full potential of their roles as committee secretaries
  • Prepare and agree agendas with greater confidence
  • Step through the minute taking process
  • Develop the committee secretary’s role more fully
  • Clarify the committee’s minuting requirements
  • Record, structure, draft and edit minutes more effectively

Course Program:

  • Role of committee secretary before, during and after meetings
  • Asserting the role and managing expectations
  • Drafting and agreeing agenda items and order of business
  • Developing listening skills for meetings
  • Taking effective notes quickly
  • Writing and editing minutes
  • Where possible, delegates should bring a sample of minutes they have produced or of the type of minutes they will be expected to produce.

In addition, our program features

  • Tutor-marked assignments
  • End-of-module assessments
  • A written examination
  • Textbooks are provided in most modules


  • An IIT Certificate of Competence will be awarded to all delegates who successfully submit and are found competent on their Portfolios of Evidence (PoEs).
  • An IIT Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to all delegates who do not submit a PoE within the specified timeframe after attending the three days of training.


This course assumes that the student has a fundamental understanding of business as well as possesses the necessary English literacy to understand the contents of this course. This course is aimed at all levels of the workforce and aims to improve time management and organizational skills.

Participants should bring documents they have written and/or those they will be expected to produce.