Soft Skill Courses Offered by IIT

Business Presentation Skills
Learn key skills in communication so that the you will be able to speak with confidence... (Read more)
Business writing skills
This course focuses on developing your business writing skills in emails and letter writing. (Read more)
Chairing Meetings
This course is designed to develop a more productive style when chairing meetings. (Read more)
Customer Service
This course is for people on the front line dealing with customers. (Read more)
Debt Collection
This course will expose participants to a systematic framework ... (Read more)
Customer Care
Customer care is the responsibility of everyone within a business, and all need to be aware ...(Read more)
Project Management
This introductory course will show you how to deliver these desired results on each and every project. (Read more)
English literacy was once known simply as the ability to speak, read and write.... (Read more)
This course explores the requirements of an entrepreneur within a specific business environment.(Read more)
Ethics and values is needed to become successful in one's personal and professional life. (Read more)
Ethics and Labour Law
This course explore the building blocks of corporate and human sustainability .. (Read more)
Executive Secretary
This course is for experienced PA’s whose technical skills are secure.(Read more)
This course is suitable for managers and executives with responsibility for managing budgets (Read more)
Front Desk Administration
This course will help you understand the Front Desk Officer’s role within the organization ...(Read more)
Web Developpment
This course will learn you about the work involved in developing a web site for the internet.(Read more)
Innovation Management
This course will teach you to recognize the meaning and importance of innovation (Read more)
Communication Skills
This course will focus on the creation of a positive customer experience ...(Read more)
Interviewing Skills
This course is designed for anyone who is involved in the interviewing process ...(Read more)
Mentoring & Coaching
The program will focus on the understanding on conducting coaching at the workplace (Read more)
Minute Taking
This course is designed to introduce participants to best practice in minute taking ...(Read more)
Monitoring and Evaluation
This program provides participants working in teams on medium to large projects ...(Read more)
Negotiation Skills and Conflict
This course look at strategies, etc. involved in conflict management and negotiation (Read more)
Operations Management
The aim of this course is to direct participants to key knowledge and highlight ...(Read more)
Organisational Development
This course looks at development from a systems point of view, in which organizations ...(Read more)